Email and Chat Support Services

Bpo services, under one roof

What Is It?

The motto of our services is to enhance performance and to provide vast and best contact centre solutions to all businesses. With years of proven service, we at Gohansh Solutions are one of your trustworthy business partners. As a part of our customer service and Back office services, Chat support and Email support play an important role.
We are open to changes and continually upgrade our infrastructure. Gohansh Solutions thus has been continuously improving and empowering itself with the use of new technology and skilled manpower to offer you the right value through its global delivery model.

Chat support provides companies with an effective two-way communication system that can be utilized as an interactive customer support tool, as well as an effective marketing aid that converts browsers into buyers by providing them with sales and marketing support.
Email has now become the primary means of data transmission and customer relationship management. Low cost, non-intrusive and anytime, anywhere access is some of the advantages of email-based communication. An efficient email response service is crucial to any company's brand building and growth.

How It Helps

Email support and Chat support are two most basic means of communicating and exchanging real-time data for building good customer relationships. This is why most businesses are willing to outsource their customer services like helpdesk support, technical support and complaint collection. Most non-voice support processes today use email support and chat support. Gohansh Solutions has trained manpower and resources to handle it effectively.

Email queries of customers and prospects when answered promptly, accurately and efficiently improves customer satisfaction, beneficial and crucial in customer retention and repeat business growth. By having professional email support and chat support you can enjoy lower call volumes thus cutting higher costs associated with voice support.

Chat & Email are beneficial where a customer has issues with voice support

What We Do For You

Chat support and Email support covers the support areas of technical support, help desk support, placing orders, problem resolution, transactions, verification and many more bpo processes.
Our Live Chat Support enables the CSR’s to help their customer with browsing the site, educating about products, sales, order and resolution.
Email Support enables the CSR’s to answer customer’s emails promptly, detailed resolution can be given while educating customer about other products.We provide Real-time email answering services. We give Prompt and Personalized email responses to every customer on a 24/7 basis.

Why Choose Email & Chat Support

Email Support Service Benefits :
  1. Customer's email queries are answered promptly, efficiently and accurately to increase customer satisfaction.
  2. Business email support services enables you to balance workloads at different times.
  3. Dedicated focus on core competencies. This helps in efficient time utilization.
  4. It guarantees lower call volumes and substantially reduces costs for voice support.

Chat Support Services Benefits :
  1. Text chat helps customers in completing order with help of agents.
  2. Website vistiors can be converted into possible new customer enrolment.
  3. If customer is confused or sceptical, the chat with CSR’s helps them decide what they want .
  4. Instant sales through cross-selling of products
  5. Increasing customer loyalty and retentioon by providing answers to customer queries in real-time
  6. Can collect real-time data about website traffic, visitor information and navigational path

Our Chat Support & Email Support includes:

  • 1. 24x7 online support
  • 2. Complaint registration and its resolutions
  • 3. Customer care
  • 4. Customer guidance in collecting data
  • 5. Feedback or response to inquiry
  • 6. Live customer support
  • 7. Marketing Services
  • 8. Order Fulfilment & Order Taking
  • 9. Payment Inquiries and documentation
  • 10. Product Inquiries or Service information requests
  • 11. Query Resolution
  • 12. Technical support & problem resolution
  • 13. Troubleshooting for services and products
  • 14. Verification