Bpo services, under one roof

Outsourcing your call centre requirements today may appear to be simple with so many choices. But is it? Major concerns that clients have while outsourcing their services to a third-party organization is -

  1. 1) Whether BPO company has the required infrastructure, resources, expertise, and experience to provide better results?
  2. 2) What is the work approach followed by the BPO company, and if they can expect better results or not?
  3. 3) How do you decide what your best outsourcing option is?
  4. 4) How do you find that one precious pearl amidst the rubble?

How good is a company, is defined by its process of operations? A well-planned process design leaves little room for error while allowing flexibility of work and choice. At Gohansh Solutions, we follow such a well-designed and standardized call centre process flow. This simplifies tasks and produces the best results in the least possible time.
We are a leading outsourcing services provider following an aerodynamic outsourcing process to ensure that our services are delivered on time at cost-saving rates.

How We Start

  • 1) Contact Established :
    1. You fill the inquiry form
    2. The sales team calls or emails you

  • 2) Requirement Analysis :
    1. understanding of requirements
    2. Estimate of service charge
    3. Mutual agreement on services to be offered and in what manner through the Sales/Client Relations team
    4. Approval to go ahead
  • 3) Pricing and Contracting :
    1. Confirm pricing
    2. Proposal where required
    3. Contracting & Mou

  • 4) Project Initiation & Steady State ::
    1. Training from your end to one or more members of the team if needed for a new peocess
    2. Start of support by the team assigned as per your process needs and skill sets required
    3. Project execution & management
    4. Frequent monitoring, report generation, feedback sessions in the first month for revamping and reorganizing process and/or team if required

    Outsource Your Work To Us

    We have vigorous framework to ensure smooth progression of all kinds of projects from their initiation to completion. Moreover, at Gohansh Solutions we have assimilated best practices for information security and provide Information Security and Confidentiality Assurance to all our clients.
    If you would like to outsource to us, please fill in our contact form. Our sales executives will get in touch with you immediately. Even if you are not yet ready to venture into outsourcing, you are always welcome to get in touch with us to find out more about us.

Our Pricing Module

Gohansh’s price structures are customized based on the terms of contract, call volumes, agent skill levels required and complexity of projects.
The costs of customized reports, training and set up are free of cost. These are the indicative prices for some of our Call Centre Services which are Negotiable:

  1. (1) Data Entry, Non-voice, Chat & Email Support: $3 to $8 per hour
  2. (2) Telemarketing and Non-Technical support: $8 to $15 per hour
  3. (3) Technical support, Hardcore Sales: $10 to $16 per hour
  4. (4) Advanced Technical Support: $17 to $30 per hour