Inbound Projects

Bpo services, under one roof

What Is It?

Inbound and outbound customer service provide various forms of support to your customers by telephone. Inbound customer service is the traditional approach to telephone-based customer service. We have worked on it and made it as good as possible and are still working on making it the best.

Our inbound customer service facility works best as it provides all customers with a single point of contact for all their service questions. Customers ring a single number to order products, make a payment, register a purchase or obtain product information. They can also place a support request or make an inquiry about a product.

The agents handling the incoming calls have the product and technical knowledge to deal with the call personally or, if necessary, transfer the call to a specialist.
Customers appreciate the convenience of our single point of contact, provided they receive an appropriate response.

Service Standards

We maintain a consistent standard of service at all times. We have agents on duty to answer calls quickly and minimize waiting times for customers. We have Call-center managers who aim to match staffing levels with call volumes to maintain prompt, convenient service so that no customer has to wait longer in the queue.

Serving the customer on time with minimum wait time is our priority

Our agents handle client complaints, queries, billing inquiries and requests with the optimal degree of professionalism and courtesy. Resolving issues of the clients within one call resolution is their prime objective.

Managing business transactions which may involve activation of new client accounts on the terminal of computer, providing alternative solutions with an aim to retain customer's business, etc., are some of the primely focused inbound customer service representative responsibilities. They use web-based tools to demonstrate and communicate with clients.

Key Responsibilities

Below mentioned are the responsibilities of the executives but not limited to:

  1. Interact with clients through telephone to provide information about services or products, cancel accounts, renew accounts, open new accounts, enter or take orders, or obtain complaint details
  2. Record details of inquiries, comments or complaints, transactions or interactions and takes action in accordance to it
  3. Ensure that the required changes are made to resolve the queries of the customers
  4. Draft contract forms, issue orders of service discontinuance, make changes of address records using computers, etc.
  5. Refer unresolved and pending customer grievances to the concerned departments for further investigation

Handling Tasks & Problems

Duties of our customer service representatives include answering calls and transferring them to the appropriate department when required. Other duties involve maintaining accounts of potential customers, processing new customer accounts, filing documents and implementing modifications to existing documents and other back office paperwork.

In case of any complaints or inquiries, our professionals are capable to handle such cases as per the guidelines and policies of the company. In some cases, these executives may attempt to propose solutions or resolve the issue.

Our CSRs are capable of giving satisfied services and selling your product to customer if needed even if they are not in Sales department. We have trained staff on upselling.

CSRs are trained and given complete knowledge of the services and products of the company so that they can provide information about any product or service to customers whichi helps them in deciding which product or service is suitable for them. They also contribute in generating sale leads. For example, after addressing a consumer's inquiry, these executives may attempt to provide information or sell the upgraded products.

Qualification & Qualities

Our CSRs are qualified and educated to understand customer, their needs and problems.
They have good communications skills (written and oral) as well as inter personnel skills. In some cases, when they may have to handle angry customers or difficult situations, they are trained to be polite and patient. They have quick analyzing, investigating and problem solving potential.

Contributing to build good reputation of the organization in the market or among the customers is one of the inbound customer service representatives responsibilities, which they have to perform effectively by using their knowledge and training skills.