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Great Customer Service Is Our Priority:

Customer service is of essence to any business. After all, if a firm has no customers who are interested in buying its products or services, then it goes without saying that such a firm would have to be closed down! Therefore, it is extremely important that any entrepreneur or manager invests in customer service, and considers it as a priority for business success.

How We Acieve It

Let us outline some practical ways by which we provide customer service right away :

  1. Respond to Customers : We invest proper time to follow up customers so that they do not have to wait for a solution or to reach a representative. We always have someone in charge of phone so that no call is missed.

  2. Individualised Customer Care : If the customer is frustrated about something, we make sure to apologise and show him/her due respect. We try to set things right, so as to ensure that we do not lose the customer.

  3. Follow-ups : We follow up with customers to get their feedback. We need to know if your customer was pleased with his/her service experience. If he/she was not, we act accordingly, and learn to ameliorate. A good after-sales service is very important. Proper post-sales support can make a big difference in company’s reputation and on the possibility of retaining customers which we do on regular basis.

  4. Customer-Centric Culture> : All our customer service representatives and support staff are properly motivated. Employees who are willing to serve customers well, are an asset for your business. So, we make sure that they are praised and rewarded, so as to retain that good attitude, which will in turn affect the customers positively.

  5. Feedback Systems> : Both customers and employees want to feel valued. Therefore, it is important to invest in feedback systems, which will encourage them to give their views and opinions easily and freely.

  6. Quality & Compliance> : As an industry-leading BPO service provider, GoHansh is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data quality and security. Our services are compliant with the requirements for quality management of systems and processes for ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Stringent security practices are in place to ensure protection of data.