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Telemarketing : Doing It The Right Way

Telemarketing has always been an integrated part of sales and marketing campaigns of multiple firms. The process of telemarketing generally refers to marketing of services or goods through the use of telephone calls. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing in which a representative convinces the potential customers to purchase the services or products.

There is lots of myth popular among people about the concept of telemarketing. The reality about telemarketing is utilized by business entities of all sizes. They use it for the introduction of new products and services, ensuring complete client satisfaction, and fixing appointments with quality sales leads.

Nowadays, telemarketing is a direct marketing process which can assure the sale of any product or service. You surely want to increase your customer base and offer them best quality services to maintain a lasting relationship. It is one of the most effective methods of marketing and has been the reason of the success of numerous companies.

“Telemarketing should not be confused with telesales, though it often is. Telesales is the conversion process wherein opportunities are converted into a sale. Telemarketing is a marketing tool – activities designed to generate interest, provide information, and ensure customer service satisfaction. Telesales is a sales tool – activities designed to sell your product or service.”

How Telemarketing Service Helps

Doing sales can be done in several ways. Today’s one of the convenient ways of nailing a sale is through telemarketing. Telemarketing just about covers every inbound and outbound activity that takes place over the phone!
From the word itself, it implies a kind of marketing through telecommunication devices like a telephone or mobile, VoIP number, and internet (such as email).

Telemarketer from “Gohansh Solutions” converses with a potential client or the customer to provide or promote products or services over the phone or video conferencing. But prior to that, telemarketing service is actually used to establish a connection first with a potential customer before proceeding to any appointments.

You can have direct marketing with the client in a very convenient way, eliminating the hassle of face to face stale selling. Telemarketing services by “Gohansh Solutions” furnishes you with unending chances to build and better your business.

Types of Telemarketing Services:

  • 1) Appointment setting
  • 2) Collections
  • 3) Customer retention
  • 4) Market research
  • 5) Lead generation
  • 6) Tele-fundraising
  • 7) Surveys
  • 8) Political calling
  • 9) Database clean-up

How We Work

We work with you and for you. We follow a pattern of steps to keep things crystal clear.
  1. We understand client product, service and market position.
  2. We discuss and decide your need, requirement and select product to be prmoted.
  3. Understand the target clients industry, work ethics, need and sales.
  4. We agree on sales call objectives as in if you need to get appointment fixed, sale lead or client data.
  5. We draft a script based on your product to sell it effectively in market.
  6. Training on your product is given to the team to make them understand every single detail of what they need to promote.
  7. Detailed reporting is done and shared with you weekly.

Why Choose Gohansh Telemarketing Services (GTS)?

Gohansh Solutions can you help your business in several ways using Telemarketing:

  • (1) GTS is an effective, profitable marketing strategy. GTS reliably beats all different types of promoting and is the most capable.
  • (2) With GTS you can get an immediate response from the client where we will do advertisement to promote your products and services.
  • (3) GTS can bring your business more deals once you succeed in anticipating a positive picture.
  • (4) GTS helps you follow up with current clients. Keeping in touch with the client will give you the chance to know more about the client, their needs and other concerns.
  • (5) Through GTS you can expand your business by offering deals to clients in different regions, or in different countries.

Gohansh Solutions can help you to capture every valuable new business opportunity in the market whilst helping you to maintain a positive relationship with your existing clients. It is important to nurture your existing customers whilst seeking out new ones.
If you want to cut costs and continue to grow successfully, you should seriously consider outsourcing to Gohansh Solutions.

Benefits With GTS

When global companies outsource telemarketing to Gohansh Solutions, then our outbound & inbound telemarketing call centre professional's expertise has given benefits :

  • 1) Lower Costs
  • 2) Customer Databases
  • 3) Building Leads
  • 4) Improved sales
  • 5) Lead generation
  • 6) Instant feedback

Other Benefits :
Telemarketing options are virtually limitless and you may benefit from using one or a combination of the following services:

Call Centre Services
Call Answering – Customer Care & Support – Inbound Calls - Help Desk – Technical Help Desk – Outbound Calls – Mail follow Up – Live Chat Support

Database Services
Data Sourcing B2B – Data Procurement B2C – Data Profiling – Highly Specialist Data Provision – Data Enhancement – Data Cleansing – Data Analysis

Cold Calling – Product Sales – Service Sales – Consumer Sales – B2B sales – Sales Appointments – IT Specialist Sales – Software Sales – Order Taking – Credit Control

Appointment Setting – B2B Telemarketing – B2C Telemarketing – Claims Leads – Event Invites – Conference Booking – Exhibition Registration – Advert Responses – Lead generation – Market Research – Consumer Surveys – New Business Generation – Customer Satisfaction Surveys